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Astrology is one of the most intriguing and developing fields of science. It is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry, which allows you unlock a soul-stirring feeling of connection with the cosmos.

Our mission at Astrology is to facilitate the best astrology education through a diverse menu of astrological styles and teachings by following a well-curated approach.

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Our Courses
Predictive Astrology - Basic Course

This course will introduce you to the core building blocks of astrological practice – Signs, Planets and Houses as all styles of astrology are built out of these core symbols.

You’ll learn about planets, signs,natal chart, different houses, solve the mystery of prediction as well as explore ideas that make astrology an inspiring field of study along with a useful tool for self-discovery &personal growth.

This program is curated with best lessons to help you learn astrology from the ground up and by the end, you’ll have a solid foundation in the major aspects of Predictive Astrology.

The course will contain 15 classes including lectures and Question-Answer sessions.

Course Duration: 15 lectures, 2.5 hrs

Fee: INR 20,000

Predictive Astrology –Advanced Coursewith delineation Techniques

This course has been developed through our structured curriculum, which is specially curated to provide you broad education in astrological methods and ideas to enhance your knowledge. In this training program you’ll learn the extensive in-depth techniques and aspects of predictive astrology.

This Program is perfect option for those seeking to either deepen their understanding of astrology for personal practice or to become working professional astrologers.

The course will contain 30 classes including lectures and Question-Answer sessions.

Course Duration: 30 lectures, 2.5 hrs

Fee: INR 35000

Tarot Reading – Basic Course

Tarot Reading is a beautiful tool to deeper your connection with your intuition or a greater sense of well being. It is fascinating divination art form that has gained status when it comes to offer seekers certain guidance to their future through a deck of cards.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to strengthen their intuition through Tarot Reading. The course will cover basic fundaments of Tarot Reading such as Introduction to Tarot Cards, History of Tarot Reading along with discovering use of Astrology, Numerology, Colors and Pictures in Tarot Reading.

The course will contain 25 classes including lectures and Question-Answer sessions.  After attending this course, you’ll be able to confidently give accurate readings using these ancient divination cards.

Course Duration: 25 lectures, 1.5 hrs

Fee: INR 25000

Tarot Reading – Advanced Course

This course is designed to give you advanced study on each of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck , Major arcana and Minor arcana, Numerology and Psychic Development to become a professional Tarot Reader.

Over the course of your studies you will be introduced to a diverse set of teachings that will ultimately help you learn how to give accurate strong readings that will help seekers navigate to their perfect future.

After attending this course, you’ll develop your analytical skills while unleashing your creativity and confidence Tarot reading.

The course will contain 20 lectures include with use of numbers & signs of astrology, Practice of spreads, and healing through cards& crystals.

Course Duration: 20 lectures, 1.5 hrs

Fee: INR 39000

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